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What's a Life-Path Number?


The mystical study of numbers is known as numerology. Numerology is a belief that is related to establishing a relationship between mystical occurrences of events and occurrences. Not only that but it holds the promotional significance for numerical values and its implication as it continues to be influenced by the study of astrology, paranormal study and divinatory study of arts. Though it is not known from where the word 'numerology' came to be as its origin to the date remains a mystery but it was during the 1800s when the word was discovered.

What are the systems used in the study of numerology?


• Alphabetical system: The numerical values are assigned to the letters. Such examples of this phenomena are the Abjad numerals, Armenian numerals, the Hebrew numerals and Greek numerals.

• Latin alphabet system: This particular system includes various Latin alphabets to come to a result. The interpretation methods of this system are numerous.

• Pythagorean system: this particular method has been influenced by the study of western numerology or Pythagorean numerology. The father of this system is Pythagoras. He established the numerical value by noticing the changes in the musical tones.

• Chaldean system: this particular system has been further given way to the Advanced Chaldean system. It is also known as a Babylonian numerological system. This particular system is used to recognise the energy of a person while submerged in a task.

• Apart from these, Abjad numerology system is also used thoroughly.

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