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What is Vastu Consultancy?


Vastu shastra is considered as the study of the Indian traditional system of architecture that seeks to maintain the layout and other information about the architectural design to maintain proportionality of the house. The belief is loaned by the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs of how a house should be. A person who gives consultation on the Vastu of a home is known as Vastu consultancy.

The term 'Vaastu' comes from the Sanskrit word 'Vas' (dwell). It is similar to Feng Shui, the Chinese science of placement. Vaastu is a part of Vedic wisdom that tells us how to arrange our homes and offices effectively, efficiently and in a manner that will attract luck and good fortune. If this is your first home, it is particularly important to surround yourself with positive influences.


Vastu plays a vital role in balancing the positive and negative energy in a home or in one’s life. The vastu can bring good positive energy and the vastu defects will cause negative energy that symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life.

What does a Vastu consultant do?


A Vastu consultant seeks to provide a prosperous and harmonious life by establishing a groundwork for the house that would promote positive energy to the one who lives in the house. The Vastu consultant seeks to provide the individual with the layout of the architecture of the house, mainly promoting concepts related to direction-specific research so as to facilitate the right foundation for the home.

The task of a Vastu consultancy:


The Vastu consultancy service strives to help the client with advice regarding the architectural design of a house meanwhile promoting harmonising energy that would negate any negativity in the home. Vastu utilises natural power to contradict such negativity. They use the power of sun, wind, moon, light, earth, thermal, electric, l energy as well as magnetic and cosmic energy. By harnessing such powers, one can ensure positive energy for an individual that would issue a harmonious living. One can authorise the construction from the start by consulting a Vastu consultancy however if you have already bought a house, the Vastu can be maintained by authorising a study by experts.

The need for Vastu in a house is very important. We are living in a time which gets affected by gloomy consequences that are enough added to make anyone's suffering. In order to neutralize such influences, one should resort to Vastu consultants and seek help from the consultancy.